About High Converting PLR

My name is Ross Cohen. I’m an online and offline entrepreneur, or at least that’s what I call myself. Over the past (almost) two years I’ve dabbled in all sorts of online ventures. You remember beginning… not knowing a thing… and basically trying EVERYTHING. One thing led to another and rather soon I found myself with 21 product review sites. At first glance I thought it was a great idea. I always preferred to throw a bunch of balls in the air to see what would stick. In this case, only having two hands and so many hours I could devote to the computer each day (even with coffee!), I was simply overwhelmed. Having recently graduated college and having a full-time job (and a social life too), I knew maintaining 21 websites simply wouldn’t work. So what’d I do? Sold them! But… not wanting to give up online business entirely… I created HighConvertingPLR.com in early 2012. I’ve always enjoyed writing and so I figured PLR creation may be a great “not THAT time consuming” opportunity. Now it’s your turn to decide whether my venture becomes successful or not. If my PLR isn’t of the utmost quality, I do hope you request a refund and tell all your friends not to buy from me. I’d rather “go out of e-business” than sell “ehhh” quality content. I’ve learned some years back that with so much competition in really anything you do, being just another mediocre competitor in today’s business world (whether it be online or off) simply won’t work. You have to be the best, and that’s exactly what I plan to be.

Why choose me…

You should choose me for many reasons. For one, your articles will always start here. I don’t grab other people’s PLR and sell it here. This is my content and you won’t find it old anywhere before it’s sold here. Every article in every article pack, once launched on HighConvertingPLR.com, I can guarantee has never been used, indexed, or seen by the public. These aren’t some spun articles or a mixture of a bunch of other content I find online. I do the research myself… I do the writing… and I do the editing.

My articles are written for people and read beautifully. I write in a fun way… a way that keeps people coming back for more. This is especially so with my niche article packs. You may find your visitors staying on your site a LOT longer because the content isn’t putting them to sleep. It’s teaching them valid, intelligent, and up-to-date information while not sounding all dull and boring.

Don’t forget I have plenty of product review packs too. The way these are written are for conversions. Check out some of the samples (go to a pack you may be interested in and click “Click To View Samples”) to fully understand what I mean. I don’t just give an overview of features and specifications. These things are in-depth and will explode your Commission Junction commissions (all of the companies reviewed have affiliate programs on there – CJ.com, for those of you that don’t know what I’m talking about). Each pack has 5 reviews and 5 blog posts. The blog posts act as a way to make your readers understand that you’re an expert in the field. The information the blog posts provide also will help them make a more informed decision and increase the likelihood of you receiving that commission right then and there.

So, when all comes to all, you’re going to love my content. If you don’t, just ask for your money back. Easy as that. I’m that confident – but the numbers don’t lie. Hundreds of orders, not a single refund request. I hope that you’ll be my next happy customer.

Thanks for reading,

Ross Cohen