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Ross Cohen is the writer of High Converting PLR. While you won’t find any of my works in the Wall Street Journal or The Economist, you’ll find that through years of writing I’ve created my own voice on paper (if you know what I mean). Having been told I “write like I speak” ever since high school, you may find my articles… overly conversational. But in a good way! I create a discussion with my readers (and potentially yours) in a way that makes them read the articles from the first word to last. No one enjoys boring content and what I provide is far from it. I write for people… not search engines. While search engines are kept in mind as ignoring their algorithmic changes would be counterproductive, I’ve come to realize that when it comes to content, “winning” at SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can only get you so far. Either your content converts readers into subscribers and prospects into buyers or your content has no use whatsoever.

And see, I’m even a real person! That’s me closest to the camera in Las Vegas when I was 21.

And in 2012 when I visited China with a friend of mine (you can guess which one I am).

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