Why You Can’t Compete Without Incredible, Top-Notch Content

10 Apr

People know what is quality content and what is junk. If it’s junk, they’re gone in seconds. Don’t be another one of those mediocre websites.

There are hundreds of millions of websites online. More than you could ever visit in a lifetime. Surely you know that every time you “Google something”, there are way too many results that come up. Part of the battle of having a winning website is getting to the top of search engines through SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but just because you’re on the first page of Google doesn’t mean people are going to trust your opinion or want to stay on your site for longer than several seconds. And, on that note, the average amount of time someone spends on a site before deciding if they want to stay is 7 seconds. What can you do in that amount of time? Convert them into a subscriber, sale? Of course not. Because of this, your quality needs to be not just incredible, not just top-notch, but the best in the niche. Otherwise, you’re going to just be another of those.

What’s “those”, though? Well, surely you’ve visited sites that you start to read the content and it’s grammatically incorrect, boring, robotic-sounding… no one trusts it. Surely you don’t. Don’t think you can fool people with it, because you can’t. Whether you’re in an evergreen niche such as weight loss, writing product reviews, or a blog about whatever it may be, I promise it’s not going anywhere if your content isn’t worth coming back to. And that’s the goal, in the long run. Getting your readers to subscribe to your e-mail list, convert into a sale, have them bookmark your site or post a comment, something. If they leave without doing anything, chances are they’re never going to return again. And that’s a waste.

So how do you make your content worthy?

Always check your grammar. Being human, you may spell something wrong. That’s okay, but don’t let it happen frequently, and to combat this, run a couple edits and spell checks before showing it to the public.

Since indeed you are human, act it. Some times people like reading content that is conversational and interesting. Think about your favorite books. They may be slightly quirky and non-traditional, something you may not find in a school textbook. Writing this way is perfectly fine.

If you’re going to make a statement, don’t be wrong. Unless you run a blog simply about your day-to-day life, chances are you’re going to need to rely on information that already exists in the world. For example, finding out that there are hundreds of millions of websites, personally, I didn’t know… I researched it. Certainly I didn’t visit every website on the web to find out myself. And using information you read about, incorporating it into your blog posts, articles, etc. is completely fine… just don’t say there are 1 billion people in the world. You’ll be simply wrong, and people won’t trust much else that you say.

If you’re outsourcing, don’t use the cheapest writer you can find. Sure saving money is great, but realize that an article you pay $5 for isn’t going to be of the same quality as one that costs you $25 or more. Sure there are some exceptions, such as an over-priced low-quality writer, but this in the case in general. And if in the long-term you plan to monetize from the content you’re providing, consider the return (ROI). If you plan on making, say, $10 per article through whatever means of advertising you use, don’t spend $20 on the article. Contrarily, if you plan on making $50 on it, perhaps spending $25 or $30 for a superior article may be a good decision.

Take a look at your competitors. They’re who you’re up against. Yeah, the arena is large enough online to not necessarily be the absolute best, but you better be at least somewhat close, or at least not an embarrassment compared to what else is available. The world of online business is flat. If you offer less quality than the next person, what incentive do they have to come to you? None!

So, whether you have a blog, are selling content, or have anything to do with “words on a website” (and chances are if you’re reading this, somehow, you do!), don’t settle for “okay”. While the payoff may be reasonable, it won’t be near what could be realized if you stepped up your game and made people want to read your content. Make them want to read every single word of your articles, reviews, etc. simply because it’s written beautifully, honestly, and with quality in mind. It may cost you a little more out of your pocket or may take a little bit more time, but it will pay off. There’s no doubt in my mind that if you remain motivated and dedicated with your long-term goals in mind, you’ll find success.

– Ross Cohen, Owner of HighConvertingPLR.com

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