Video Games: 5 Reasons To Promote This Lucrative Niche

23 Aug

#1 – Huge Market Demand

So if you’ve been wondering just how big the video game market is, you’ll probably be astounded when you see the monthly search numbers within Google. Video games have always been a great market, but just how big is a different story.

Well, let’s just look at some of the numbers really quick…

Playstation 3 = 30,400,000 searches per month
Xbox 360
= 30,400,000 searches per month
= 30,400,000 searches per month
Playstation Vita
= 1,500,000 searches per month
Nintendo 3DS = 2,240,000 searches per month

These are some pretty astounding numbers. I don’t know about you but I think that you could definitely find a way to gain some traction in a market this big. Especially if you’ve got some very high-quality content to get that traction!

#2 – Billions Being Spent Each Year

If you’re a parent you may not want to admit it. If you’re a spouse to a husband who can’t get away from the video games, then you may hate to admit it. But if you’re a marketer you likely love the fact that video games are a huge obsessive market, in huge demand, and those that play the games love to spend on those games.

The video game market is a $20+ billion dollar market in the U.S. alone. Unbelievably huge to say the least.  Just a small piece of that enormous pie could create a nice full-time income for you…just from this one niche. And now you’ve got the perfect opportunity to get into the video gaming arena without having to even write your own content.

#3 – Tons of Different Items to Sell…

Of course it’s always easier to break into, or even more importantly sustain within a market that’s got a lot of choice of what you’re going to sell. The fact is that with the video game niche, your choices are unbelievably large and wide. They’re immense, far more than you can ever tackle in a lifetime.

First off you can choose between game consoles, games, game accessories, etc. There are about 5 different game consoles worth looking into, with new ones hitting all the time. Of course each has their own games, each has their own accessories etc. It’s a bottomless ocean of choices for you so you will never get bored, never run out of items to sell, and never run out of content ideas.

Also you won’t want to forget about all of the “cheat guides” that people produce and sell for these video games, along with “how to guides”, and even guides that tell you how to fix the consoles when they break which are great sellers, and great info products that people are desperate buyers for.

#4 – Demographic Is Huge

Now let’s talk about the people who play these video games. Sure, you’d think that it’s a bunch of kids playing these games and bugging the heck out of mom and dad to buy them for them. While that is true and does happen, the demographics are actually quite wide. In fact you might be surprised to find out that the average age for video gamer is 37. I was surprised myself by that statistic, but it makes sense. These are the same people who started playing video games like Atari, Intellivision, Sega, and then Nintendo.

As well, with games like Wii Sports, Wii Fit, and even games like Rock Band, it’s widened the gap even further. That’s not to mention that the gender difference have become less divided as well, with women now 48% of the gamer pie. This leaves you with tons of way to niche down, and target certain sub-niches within the video game genre.

#5 – Constant Upgrades As Well As New Games

Here’s the real beauty of video games. The games that people love don’t just go away anymore. These games are upgraded, updated, and turned into different series. For instance a quick search of Play Station’s “Special Ops” games include 6 different versions or subtitles. Other series like Grand Theft Auto, Medal of Honor, UFC Undisputed, Call of Duty, and Madden Football…just to name a few…are huge sellers over and over again with each new addition in the series.

Basically the possibilities are endless in this niche, and I’m giving you a huge head start with this extraordinarily high-quality PLR material.

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