The Best 3 Affiliate Networks For Product Review Sites

27 Feb

The best 3 affiliate networks are Commission Junction, Clickbank, and Amazon Associates.

Making money through product review sites isn’t the most difficult task to do, but by no means is it easy. It won’t happen over night, and it won’t happen without lots of effort either. With so many products and services to promote with affiliate programs for each, picking the right ones is probably the most complicated part. Some offer extremely high commissions but may convert poorly; others, contrarily, may offer low commissions but convert very well. Which might be the best for your site? The fact of the matter is, one affiliate program may be perfect for site A but terrible for site B, and another site may be the exact opposite (as in, perfect for site A, but terrible for site B).

So, which are the best affiliate networks for product review sites?

Commission Junction (

Commission Junction is one of my favorites. Huge companies use them to monitor their affiliate tracking ranging from web hosting to telecommunication to credit card companies. In total, there’s well over 1,000 programs that you can be a part of. All you have to do is apply, and as long as you have a website, getting accepted isn’t very difficult (for most of them). Commissions range from high amounts ($150+) to low amounts (less than $10). This is natural, though, as some commissions are based on sales and others leads. Some leads such as getting someone to sign up for an email newsletter may only pay a small amount as it’s very easy to convert. Think about it – would you rather sign up for a newsletter or have to purchase something? On the other hand, commissions can easily break $100 – even $200! These will be based on sales, but keep in mind, some commissions will be over 100% of a particular sale (as in, the company may actual lose money). The reason they do this is because if the customer is happy they may return, tell friends, etc. In the long run, these companies make money… otherwise the companies wouldn’t have affiliate programs!


Clickbank is unique in the realm of affiliate networks. They only accept digital products such as e-Books and video series’. Products range from pretty much any niche you can think of such as parenting, internet marketing, dog training, gardening, and so on. You can promote any product without having to get accepted in to a program. You can view affiliate statistics of the programs too; for example, gravity. Gravity is a number that tells you how frequently a product sells, sort of. The more times a unique affiliate sells the product, the higher it goes… and over time, it begins to drop if the sales don’t continue. The numbers can be skewed, though; if less affiliates are promoting a product, the gravity will be much lower. This doesn’t mean the product converts less well, but rather that it has fewer people promoting it. A downside is that you can’t try the product out. You might be promoting a product that you actually wouldn’t buy yourself.

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is another great option. It’s Amazon’s affiliate program. In short, you can promote any product sold on Amazon and receive a commission for it. Of course, being that Amazon has low pricing, many items only provide you a small amount of money – dollars, or even cents, in many cases. Your commissions (which depend on how frequently you make sales) range from 4-8% (it maxes out at 8.5%, but that’s after 3,131 sales, and that’s a huge number of sales). That means if you sell something for $100, you’ll start off making a $4 commission (minus fees, too). Sell something for $1,000 (unlikely in most cases, or at least for it to occur on a regular basis) and you find yourself with around $40. As stated several sentences ago, however, the more you sell, the higher the commission goes, so you may end up receiving in the $60 range. If your sales drop, so does your commission percentage. If you sell a lot one month and sales drop the next, your commissions may go from 6-7% back to 4%. To make good money with Amazon Associates, you really need to be making tons of sales. Otherwise, it may be alike to AdSense – regular, slow income (yes, yes, I know, unless you’re in a high CPC niche).

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