The Affiliate Marketers Evolution From Clueless Newbie To Super Affiliate

19 Nov

Where were you on April 12th, 2002? You might as well ask, where were you when man landed on the moon.

Confused? It was the day I made my very first affiliate sale. A book about real estate auctions. It was only ten bucks, but from the heady glee I felt when that notice of commission plopped onto my inbox, you would think I had just won the National Lottery.

You never forget your first commission.

However, we’re going to talk about far bigger and better things here. Namely how affiliate marketers evolve. How they progress from small commissions, to bigger ones. How they go from newbies to advanced affiliate marketers.

Almost always, your affiliate marketing career will start not with a bang but with a whimper. One or two small sales, perhaps from an eBook or software. These are great to target if you’re a newbie marketer because people generally don’t mind splashing out twenty, thirty even fifty bucks on an eBook or software. They’re not terribly fussed.

The problem, as the smart newbie affiliate marketer will discover quickly, is that it takes an awful lot of eBook sales and therefore an awful lot of effort to make a full time living from such sales. Let’s just say you wanted to make $5,000 per month. Gosh, that’s five hundred $10 sales you would need in that one month to make that target. Good luck with that, and for goodness sakes don’t hold your breath.

The natural evolution from this point is to try and increase the amount of commission per sale. So, the newbie affiliate marketer will try and target more sophisticated products and services. Ones that offer bigger commissions. Why settle for ten bucks when they could have fifty, or a hundred. With the same marketing effort, you only need to shift fifty products paying a hundred bucks to generate 5k. That’s barely two a day. Very manageable.

Even so, right now it’s all very unpredictable. Very up and down. Some days a sale, on the odd day perhaps even two. On most, none. Still a far cry from that tantalizing 5k target, but motivated by the positive results to date, the newbie affiliate marketer keeps at it. Learning. Reading. Trying.

Ah, the newbie affiliate marketer now sees that Google have finally approved their AdSense account. They excitedly monetize their sites and posts, and start enjoying the trickle of AdSense dollars that they get. Not a fortune, but a little more money, and really not for doing all that much.

As the affiliate marketer begins to read more, apply more and make more sales – they’ve crossed that threshold into intermediate. They look at other newbies on forums, asking the same questions they once did and they immediately know the answers. With a wry smile, they almost mock themselves that they once never knew how to create something so simple as an affiliate link.

As the now intermediate affiliate marketer scratches away at the surface of the marketing puzzle, they come over increasingly sophisticated affiliate marketing techniques. More ways to glean commissions. More possibilities. They discover CPA – cost per action – where they could get paid, sometimes very nice fees – when their traffic perform certain tasks, such as submit their email or physical address and phone number. They excitedly join sites like Peerfly and Commission Junction, and set about tapping into this whole new and almost magical world of CPA.

Commissions are now coming from a healthy mix of sources. The ten buck sales and AdSense trickles now don’t even raise an eyebrow – they are superseded by bigger ticket sales and CPA. The situation is looking healthy.

Even so, there’s one thing that still eats away at the intermediate affiliate marketer. It’s the up and down nature of the income flow. They dislike that some days there seem to be a gush of commissions, and in others it’s drier than the Nevada desert on a scorchingly hot day.

The intermediate affiliate marketer now looks into residual income – recurring monthly commissions to create a payday every month. And as they emerge through the doorway of these residual commissions, they do so on the other side as an advanced affiliate marketer. Locating and switching on quality residual income commissions can provide valuable stability in a career that is fundamentally, by its very nature, uncertain.

By now, all sorts of income is pounding in. AdSense, small eBook and software commissions. CPA. Big ticket stuff. And, crucially, the monthly commissions. It’s beautiful. And even more beautiful, the next time the advanced affiliate marketer does his accounts he sees that he’s exceeded the 5k mark for the month.

If you’re reading this as a newbie affiliate marketer, that’s how you might just progress over your career. Not to the letter. But loosely, that’s how it might just happen.

While it would be irresponsible to pin a definite timeline on this progression, there’s just no reason why you couldn’t do it within the space of a year. Think of it as an exciting, “earn while you learn” project. If you went to university, you probably would not see a penny from your studying efforts for many years. As an affiliate marketer, you could potentially reach advanced status within a year. Perhaps longer. Perhaps even shorter.

Over time you’ll get bigger. And you’ll make more – perhaps even so much that your inbox can’t breathe for sale commission notices. Making more and more, and then more still may actually get a little routine. Dull even. But, you’ll never in a million years forget your first sale. Or where you were when you made it.

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