“What the…is Joe about to recommend another writer?

Damn straight I am.

I’ve interacted with a lot of people on the forum who consider themselves to be professional writers. I’ve even come across a few that truly believe they create masterpieces with every keystroke . Usually, they aren’t that good at all.

Ross though, Ross is an exception. I’ve had the chance to go over his PLR and compare it to the stuff the market usually puts out. It’s literally night and day. Ross’s stuff is almost good enough to be syndicated content all on it’s own, the only reason you will need to rewrite anything is because it is PLR.

For the prices being offered, this is definitely a deal that people need to jump on. When utilized correctly, there is absolutely no one you’d rather go to for PLR.”

Joe Robinson aka Po Stobinson
(The one and only)

“I’ve bought from Ross when he had those incredible $1 article packs out as WSOs and he quickly rose to the top of my short list of the best PLR creators out there. I’ve been eagerly awaiting his grand launch of his PLR store.

I grabbed the Make Money Niche article pack from this WSO, as I had bought a previous pack from him in the same niche. Both sets are going on a site I’m building about home business success.

The hardest part of using the stuff Ross writes is that it’s so darn good, I’m afraid I’ll actually hurt the quality by rewriting it! What I’m finding is that it works better if I add to his content instead of changing it very much, and then dividing the pieces into several posts.

I think what floored me the most is his pricing. I typically charge $1 per page and I figure a page every 500 words when I put together a package. I just added up this package and I would have charged $29 for the twenty articles I just bought – his REGULAR price is only $14!!

With the discount above, that brings this down to 55 cents per page for some of the best PLR content I’ve ever seen.

Seriously, if you work or want to work in any of the niches he has so far, do yourself a favor and pick it up now. This gets the full five stars from me.”

Tina Golden

“I’ve taken a look at Ross’s email marketing PLR pack and can say it’s really good quality. Some of the things I love about these articles include the fact that they’re conversational – which I think is important online – and that they include plenty of subheadings for easy scanning. Because they’re a good length too, this also makes it easy to chop them up for your own specific purposes. These articles will be EASY to edit for my own projects.”

Ruth P.

“For anyone that’s looking for some great ready-made PLR reviews, I’d definitely recommend Ross’s PLR!

Who said PLR was boring? Ross cooks up some well researched and detailed articles with a side order of personality and flair that you don’t usually see with PLR content.

You won’t hesitate before serving these to your readers!

They’re a perfect balance of being informative and personable which is great for building a relationship with readers and even better for converting them to buyers!”


“Your writing is great! I can tell you put a lot of effort into your PLR…which is a great thing for those of us who use PLR! No fluff inside just great content that can easily be transformed into anything I want! Your articles are very meaty and full of great information. They are LONG which makes it very easy to change in order to meet my needs. These PLR packs are worth stocking up on! Great deal Ross!”

Lisa Stoops

“As both a PLR seller and an avid user, I spend a lot of time looking at PLR created by different sellers. I’ve learned that the real key to doing well with PLR is to find high quality PLR that is engaging and informative.

I’ve purchased several packs from Ross and it all fit the bill. His articles are easy to read, engaging, and full of information your readers will actually want. I rewrite a lot of my PLR articles and found his articles to be very easy to rewrite. I especially like his product reviews. He calls his store “High Converting PLR” and his product reviews will show you exactly why! I’ll definitely be buying from him again provided he keeps putting out content in niches I work in.”

Amanda T.