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The Truth About Squidoo: All Marketers Must Know

Linked Lenses The Squidoo Way

Recent TOS changes now have Squidoo wanting you to keep your linked lenses to a maximum of nine per single domain. I wouldn’t suggest any more than 6 linking to any one external (your) domain. You can safely use the Discovery Tool to embed up to 6 of your related lenses.

Lenses full of useless content and dozens of links pointing to affiliate pages are a NO NO.

Final Checklist
Use this checklist to ensure that you are ready for complete buildout.

  • Does your lens have a strong title?
  • Does your table of contents have appeal?
  • Have you researched tags and keywords?
  • Do you have 100% original content to promote?
  • Have you selected Affiliate products related to your content?
  • Have you interesting videos, pictures and images?
  • Have you some related and unique products to sell that are not affiliate products?

If the answer is no then go back and redo your steps until the answer is yes.

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