My Adventure To China!

16 Jun

For your entertainment (hopefully you’re entertained!), I uploaded a couple pictures from my adventure to China. With a friend who has lived there all of his life (except for college (the last 3 years)), we traveled to 7 cities in 17 days… namely Hong Kong, Beijing, Shenzhen (his city), Macau, and others.

Talk about night life. There was so much to do at night. So many bars, clubs, restaurants… all open into the early morning hours. Fun! This was near his home city Shenzhen. Mmm… Hoegaarden…

This was the hostel we stayed at for 5 nights in Chengdu. How cool is the lobby? Very peaceful. And free Wi-Fi! Less than $30 per night!

The food was just delicious and everywhere. We ate almost every hour. Fortunately the portions were much smaller than in the US. And in US currency, regular-sized meals at mid-range restaurants cost several dollars! Sooo cheap!

At the Great Wall of China! That’s me on the right. Definitely a sight to see. Makes me want to adventure to the other wonders of the world!

Not everywhere in China is beautiful. This was actually in Macau. The middle class basically doesn’t exist. Basically you have lots of money or not. Quite different than the US.

Pandas are so cute! Especially two of them in the same picture. I wanted to break them free of the zoo! They actually have a big, clean area to roam though… lots of trees… and it seems like they get a lot of attention. So that’s good. :)

Again in Chengdu. A pretty, remote place at night. It looked like a movie… a small bridge… lake… pure bliss. I have no idea what the blue part is in the top right – haha! Looks cool though…

Visited lots of Buddhist and Tao temples. Not many of those over in the US. The monks walk around, light candles, incense, and seem rather kind. I didn’t talk to them though! Maybe it’s all a front! 😉

Hong Kong was INSANE. So built up (much more than Times Square in NYC), so many bright lights, places to go, businesses, people, cars (and public transportation)… it’s a very expensive city too. Meals and such there aren’t overly expensive, but living there is. A local said a 1 bedroom apartment could be $6,000 USD per month.

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  1. Tina Golden June 18, 2012 at 2:20 pm #

    Awesome pictures, Ross. To be standing on the Great Wall must have been incredible. So did you hit the casinos in Macau?

    • Ross June 18, 2012 at 2:24 pm #

      The Great Wall was really cool… but dare I say I over-hyped it? I think I thought it was going to be SO, SO cool that when I saw it… while it was really cool… it didn’t change my life too much. Definitely loved it and would never regret going – everything was beautiful. Lots of history. And as for Macau, didn’t gamble! Not the biggest gambler (unless there are free drinks!)… but a lot of Chinese folks sure are! The casinos were packed from wall to wall. Keep in mind that it was a Tuesday afternoon – haha. I can’t imagine what they look like on the weekend.

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