Making Money Online – Is It Really Worth My Time?

19 Nov

Does this scenario sound disturbingly familiar? Your cost of living is galloping like a motivated elephant, yet your wages have seen desperately meagre rises, if any at all. Food, gas, power – just about everything – just goes one way, and it’s creating epic strains on your wage packet.

If you happen to preside over a company that is chuffing out handsome profits then ignore this article – a blurb in the Guardian Newspaper revealed that in 2011, American CEO’s slurped up average 15% pay rises while the average American employee had wages that remained flat.

On the other hand, is this you – working harder and harder for a static wage? Then, it might be about time to consider embracing an exciting new era – one in which YOU are the CEO of your own digital empire. In case you need further proof, consider these exciting little nuggets:

  • Forget millionaires, the internet has created billions for some people, not unlike you and I, who just had that little bit of nuance, guile and commitment to turn their ideas into reality. Outside the uber-wealthy, you could publish an encyclopaedia of people who have set up a comfortable living via the internet, and from home. Not everyone wants a million bucks – some people are ok to earn $100,000 a year, and there are plenty of them about.
  • The rapid, insatiable evolution of the internet is creating epic opportunities for individuals to claim their own little slice of the pie. For example, internet marketing during its infancy was quite simple. Today it is anything but, requiring a vast checklist of actions done in a precise and accurate way – this has led to tremendous opportunity for everyone from software developers (who have created big ticket software solutions to aid SEO) to work-from-home IM freelancers who work comfortably, elegantly even – right from their own home. And do you know what? There is an idea out there for everyone to earn their first million from.

When you earn your living online, you receive some sensational fringe benefits that extend way beyond tapping away conveniently on your laptop from your sofa while wearing PJ’s. Like these:

  • No Commute, Or Commute Costs. The issue of cost is perfectly, if somewhat sadly, summarized by those who have to commute into central London to work. People who live in Woking for example (a mere 22 miles away) have seen their train fares rise meteorically over recent years, so they now have to stump up £3,200 (over $5,000) annually just to get to work. Of course, it’s an extreme example, but with gas and commuter costs rising steeply in just about every country, commuting costs certainly do tear into your pay packet more than ever before. When you work from home, you just don’t face this cost – or inconvenience. You keep more money in your pocket, and the time saved for your commute can be put to far better use. Similar cost savings can be enjoyed by eating from home, which is normally notably less expensive than buying lunch from out.
  • Tax Savings. As someone who runs your own business you have far more maneuverability and scope to lessen your tax burden. Depending on the structure that you elect to do business as, you could write off an enticing pot pourri of costs from the usual (your, and other staff wages, hardware/software, broadband & phone) to the rather less obvious (travel & entertainment). There’s a very good reason why the richest people in the world are the owners of their own business, rather than the servants of someone else’s. And, somewhat bluntly, paying less tax is one of the biggest of them.
  • Flexibility. At the risk of stating the blindingly obvious, working for yourself from home empowers you to run your affairs and personal life in the way that suits you. No feelings of guilt as you squeak a request to your boss to leave early because you have to take your daughter to the dentist. You can really run your business around your and your family needs.

In the interests of balance, there could clearly be some drawbacks to working from home too. Commitment, motivation and discipline will need to be maintained. For those who are especially social, working on your own thing from your home office can get lonely, almost to the point of despair. Distractions abound too, with a nice big TV available to you 24/7.

On balance, the pro’s of being at the helm of your own work from home online business would seem to outweigh the cons, and by quite a distance. As you mull it all over in your mind, just remember this one final morsel of truth – the world is changing, and we’re entering dark, unexplored territory where being a faithful employee is paying off less and less. No one’s asking you to chuck in your day job right away, but if you don’t at least take some steps towards setting up your own thing, you may one day find yourself facing the very crux of a problem that this article tried to get you to avoid – looking at your pay check and arriving at the soul destroying realization that you just can’t afford to live comfortably anymore.

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