Internet Security Suites: 5 Reasons To Promote This Lucrative Niche

18 Aug

#1 – As Long as There are PC’s, and the Internet… There Will Be a Need for Internet Security

If ever there was a market niche that didn’t look like it was going away for quite some time (if ever) internet security would be it. Basically, as long as people are going on line with their computers, then they’ll need internet security. The reason for that is quite simple.

There are tons of people out there constantly creating new viruses, malware, spyware, dinner ware (okay, not dinner ware…just making sure you’re paying attention)… and they’re really not going away. It’s good versus evil, and we’ve all seen how that’s stuck around since perhaps the beginning of time.

#2 – The Searches Are Ridiculously Huge for This Niche…

Now there’s really no need for us to be speculators here. Let’s look at what Google generously tells us about the search queries made on their site for this niche shall we?

  • Internet security = 6,120,000 searches per month…
  • Internet security suite = 49,500 searches per month…
  • Internet security software = 40,500 searches per month…
  • Internet security reviews = 40,500 searches per month…
  • Virus protection = 1,000,000 searches per month…
  • Virus software = 823,000 searches per month…

Not bad right? Think you can get some traction off of this niche with all of those searches? Even a small piece of that pie could mean a nice sized full time income you you.

#3 – There’s Fierce Competition Among The Companies Offering This Software and Service…and YOU Benefit from That Fact!

You’re not the only one who realizes that people want, need, and fear NOT having internet security. I know this because I know that there are tons and tons of companies out there selling this service and these products. They’re out there, and they’re putting their best foot forward to try to win over the prospects into customers. The best part is that I’ve already researched and identified the top five best companies so that you don’t have to of course. And these companies pay rather well, because basically they know that it’s worth it for them to pay YOU to bring in the prospects. Makes sense right?

Once you bring in the prospects through your reviews …that you only have to steer people to the site where they’re selling it. They’ve already put in all the work, resources for copywriters, etc. and expert marketers to close the sell.  Plus, it’s…

#4 – An Easy Sell…People KNOW They Need This Service, or They WILL Get a Virus on Their Computer…

You don’t have to sit there and talk people into the fact that they need internet security. First of all they know this already, because they’re afraid of getting a virus and losing all of the data on their computers (things like precious files, pictures, and videos).

Plus, the fact is that they’re coming to your content because they want to learn more about either the companies offering the software or service, or what they should be looking out for. So with this PLR you’re getting them when they’re closer to the end of the buying cycle. They’re pre-sold, you just have to be the middle man/woman and steer them in the right direction.

#5 – Plenty of Ways to Earn Extra Income from This Niche…

One of the things about a niche like this is that it leaves open a lot of room to earn extra income from the people reading your content. This is especially true if you’re building a list of these prospects.

So what are some of the ways you can earn extra income, or promote lateral products? Here are some of the things that these people might be interested in…

  • Online data backup services
  • Flash drives
  • Back up drives
  • Spyware
  • Computer repair (sell leads to local computer repair companies)
  • Photo or video editing software (photo shop)
  • Accounting software for either business or home (Quickbooks, etc.)

Of course this is limited to only your imagination. Even things like internet marketing, make money online, fitness, nutrition, etc. can be promoted to these people. The point is that once you’ve got their focus you can steer them in many different directions once you’ve gained their trust. And keep in mind the reviews you’re receiving are for products… all of which are on Commission Junction (! Their payouts are:

AVG – 25%/sale
– 35%/sale
Kaspersky – 20%/sale
Norton Symantec – 15-30%/sale
Panda Security – 5-20%/sale

And it all starts with these high quality PLR reviews and articles.

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