Internet Marketing Tricks: An Easy 4-Step System For Better Time Management

03 Nov

Whether you are just starting an online business or already running one, for sure, you are aware of the dangers of getting caught up with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and aimless web surfing.

Starting your day with positive and productive intentions is very easy. But getting side tracked and clicking links leading to exotic places on the internet is easier. And you know what’s hard? It’s getting any work done and avoiding all distractions!

How is a procrastinating internet marketer supposed to get back on track so his online business can produce the results he’s looking for? Well, here’s a simple 4-step system that, when followed closely, will make sure you get everything done with a lot of time to spare for doing things you love the most!

Simple Step 1

Before you even turn on the computer or even glance at it, grab a piece of paper and write down all of the tasks that you intend to do today.

Be detailed in what you want to achieve. Write down the steps you need to take to get the job done. Better yet, for those tasks that you need to do regularly, create a checklist or a step-by-step flowchart that you can refer to regularly. With this, you don’t have to write down your tasks and necessary steps for regular tasks, and it goes a long way in saving time.

Simple Step 2

Switch the computer on and disable the internet. Yes, you’ve read that right. Disable the internet!

“But I’m running an online business, how can you expect me to do that with the internet disabled?”

That’s a good question. So here’s a simple exercise to help you answer that. Take your list and put a check or a star on tasks that you can do without internet. Do that and you will soon realize that most of the tasks you need to do don’t really need an internet connection, at least, for the most part.

So you need to write a blog post?

You can research all of the facts and info you need. Switch the internet off. Write without any distractions. Switch the internet on, and post it to your blog.

The most crucial part of your task, which is writing your post, doesn’t really need an internet connection. All you need is your focus and a notepad!

Need to write an email to your potential JV partners?

You can write the email without a connection! You only need to switch it on when you’re done and ready to send your email.

You see, when you switch the internet off, you minimize distractions and your tasks receive the attention they deserve.

Simple Step 3

Check your email only twice, never more! Email reading can seriously hamper your internet marketing efforts, and eventually, take money away from you. It’s very easy to look at your email every 30 seconds for that message or sales update…and it will kill your productivity.

Check it after steps 1 and 2…after you have done an important task for the day. After that, you can set an additional time for email checking. Usually, it’s better to do it at the end of your daily internet marketing schedule. That way, you can check all of the messages and reply to anything that needs your attention.

Simple Step 4

So you’re done with all of the online business tasks for today? Good! Switch your computer off, clear your mind, and do whatever you want to do. No, that doesn’t include working on your business some more.

You don’t want to spend 15 hours a day on the computer, do you? That’s a surefire way to neglect other facets of your life like your family, recreation, etc.

You’ve given your online business the time and attention it needs. Now, give yourself the time to enjoy the rest of the day.

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