How To Use Content Locking To Generate A Dazzling Online Income

12 Nov

You sometimes just have to take your hat off to the internet, and the utterly genius new ways it finds to create income opportunities. Content locking is about as peachy an example of this as you’re ever going to find.

How Content Locking Works

Content locking beautifully connects your site visitor with a number of companies who are trying to attain leads and site traffic. The mechanics are quite straightforward – your content is blocked to the visitor unless they fill out a form or submit their email address. Once this is completed, they are returned to your content page, which is then automatically unblocked for them.

The Main Advantages Of Content Locking

Content locking is a splendid way of monetizing any web content that you have, that may be struggling to earn its keep. In a recessionary environment, people tend to be more frugal with their purchases, and content locking is a unique and potent technique of squeezing out as much revenue as possible from your traffic. Done right, content locking can really rev up your internet ROI metrics, and allows you to routinely offer quality freebies to your site crowd without charging them a penny for it.

What Sort Of Site Content Works Well With Content Locking?

Just about any digital content can be used with great effectiveness if you plan on using content locking yourself. The most popular types of content that work for locking include:

  • Digital download products, such as eBooks, software, music and videos.
  • Written content. This can include high impact specialist articles and tips with a high perceived value.
  • Raffles and prizes
  • Coupons
  • Games and cheats
  • Memberships

How Can You Get Started With Content Locking?

It’s possible to get hold of specialist content locking software if you want the site visitor to perform a specific task before accessing the content – for example opting into your list. Alternatively, some CPA networks offer elaborate content locking systems with lavish features and great presentation effects. The caveat of course is that you have to use one of their content locking offers in order to proceed.

Some Downsides To Content Locking

To provide some balance, content locking may not be suitable for all websites. For example, if you had a pure ecommerce site selling hair and beauty products, it’s somewhat difficult to see how content locking would fit snugly into that model.

Additionally, depending on the sponsor (with CPA network content locking offers) the fee paid per conversion is rarely earth shattering. It ranges on the sponsor, but between $1 to $3 per action tends to be the going rate. It therefore relies on volume traffic to get any real revenue impact.

All in all, content locking can certainly fit neatly into a general content/digital product themed site. You needn’t use it as your sole income model, but you probably can use it to marvellous effect when merged with other streams such as CPA, AdSense and your normal affiliate links and banners.

The internet prizes itself on offering something for everyone. Content locking allows you to offer just one more, rather cute, option to the many varied personality types who will venture over your site. A lot of them will love the idea of getting a valued download for free – just by filling in a simple two minute survey, or submitting their email address.

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