How To Make A Product Review Site

23 Feb

How To Make A Product Review SiteSo, you want to make a product review site, eh?

Creating product review sites can be a very profitable venture. Unfortunately the creation of these sites may prove difficult because of the many factors you have to consider: what niche you’re going to target, what you want your website to look like, how you’re going to get the reviews, what your SEO plans are, and so on. In this article I will be breaking down what’s involved to get the ball rolling when you’re starting with nothing at all – a blank slate.

1. Find your niche – Of course you’re going to have to decide what you’ll be promoting. There are so, so many options. You may be promoting tangible products (Amazon Associates is most ideal in this case), or maybe digital products and services (,, and are great networks for this). You’re going to want to make sure the niche you choose is not overly saturated, that the commission structures are reasonable, and that there are enough products in the particular niche to review (unless, however, your site is based on a single product or service).

2. Find your theme – I love WordPress and would suggest you use it for your product review site. There are many great product review themes such as “ProReviewTheme“, “Product Review WordPress Theme“, and “InReview Theme“. With WordPress you can easily add reviews, change content, and not have to worry about that nitty-gritty HTML.

3. Find your content, images, and affiliate links – This part can take a couple days or weeks depending on how you decide to do it. First, you’re going to need content. You can either write it yourself or outsource it (to me!). Remember, you want these themes to be reviews, not just information on the product or service. You want to give it your own touch, offer people advice, provide pros and cons, and so on. Second, images – they spruce up the site, make it look better in general, increase click-through rates, and keep your visitors on the site longer. You might decide to use a picture of the product (if it’s indeed a product), or maybe use the company’s logo.

Remember to abide to all image-usage laws depending on where you get the pictures from. Third, affiliate links – after all, you want to receive commissions, don’t you? With your user-specific affiliate link, place it accordingly with the products or services you’re reviewing so when people click-through to get to the site, a cookie is placed in their system and if they convert in to a sale or lead, you get paid. As a quick note: cloaking your affiliate links (there are plugins that do this – just search for “link cloaking plugins”) increases the click-throughs. You could use something such as (“yoursite” being your domain and “theirsite” being the company’s site).

4. Clean up your loose ends – Make sure all your links work, content is edited, and everything is “tidy”. Don’t forget to add an “affiliate disclaimer” and “privacy policy” page. A “contact” and “about us” page will increase your conversion rate as a little information about yourself increases trust; plus, if people want to contact you with questions, they’re then provided the ability to do so.

5. Drive traffic to your site – This comes in many forms. Of course, more importantly than anything else, SEO your site. Don’t over think, nor overdo it. If you see a site offering a million links to your site, this won’t help. You want “good” links… relevant ones… or you can outsource SEO as well to a trustworthy source. Warriorforum has some great people that do this (personally, I use Matt LeClear, a well-known “SEO guy” on there). You may want to create a Facebook and Twitter for your review site to post your links on there when you release new content. Submit to social bookmarking sites such as Delicious, Stumbleupon, Digg, and Reddit. You can also use PPC (pay-per-click) traffic from Google AdWords and Microsoft AdCenter, to name two.

So, now we’re nearing the end of the tunnel. You found your niche, decided what your site will look like, added your reviews, links, images, cleaned everything up, and here comes the targeted traffic. Targeted traffic – that’s right – don’t waste your time with incentivized traffic. What’s this? Say you find a Fiverr gig that offers 5,000 visitors to your site. Wow – 5,000 people for only $5? Sounds like a great deal, but not a single visitor will convert. You want organic, targeted traffic meaning they’re interested in your site and specifically have been searching for it. If your site is on, say, calculator reviews, you want to show up first on Google for “calculator reviews”, “best calculators”, “top calculators”, and so on.

As a final tip (as calculators reminded me of it, for some reason), don’t use brand names. If you’re reviewing calculators, don’t make your website That’s a trademarked product and it’s an infringement (meaning you may get in trouble… and you don’t want this to happen). Domains such as,, and names such as this, are completely fine (no brand name, no problem!). Now, off you go! It’s time to turn those articles in to commissions! Don’t forget – if you need top-notch review articles, look no further than the article packs I have to offer. They’re high-quality, high-converting, in high-commission niches, and I know you’ll love ‘em.

– Ross Cohen, Owner of

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