How To Identify A Red Hot Niche For Your Next Niche Site

26 Oct

Oddly, tons of new niche marketers all seem to pile into the same tired old niches. If you’re really keen on making money with your niche marketing, you need to think fresh and arrive at some outside of the box epiphanies.

In fact, to be successful with niche marketing isn’t altogether hard – not when you know exactly how to tap into a “red hot” niche market. Here’s how to identify good niches over and over again:

  • Know Your Model. What is your niche business model? Are you planning to offer something tangible that requires development/buying at wholesale, or will your new niche venture be a largely content based site using an affiliate income model?
  • Following The Money. Unquestionably, you need to follow the money trail to see which industries are awash with cash. While you could argue, that the more money in a niche the more competition there is likely to be – there’s always a way to add a twist to your niche site to make it unique. For example, generic Dating is an eminently wealthy yet competitive niche. By entering into the niche with a particular twist (i.e. Dating for Christians, or midgets, or Christian midgets, etc.) you can still enjoy the potency of the niche while stripping out most of the competition.
  • Use Sites Like eBay Pulse & Amazon Trends For Research. After you find a generic niche you’d like to look at further, the next step in the process is to see what sells well within the niche.
  • Affiliate Programs. Especially if you’re using a content model, your earnings ability will be intrinsically linked to the availability of suitable affiliate programs. Ideally, search out a mix of affiliate programs that have good potential for large commissions, combined with recurring income thrown into the mix.
  • Searching For New Trends In The News. There are always exciting new trends emerging that niche marketers can tap into. How can you find them? The news is one of the best possible sources for this – new emerging breakthroughs in all sorts of industries are reported daily, and you can often be the first to tap into these just as the entire world starts searching for it.   

Once you have done your niche research, it’s all about short-listing them into projects, and setting up the most exciting ones first. The superb thing with setting up your own niche sites is that there are two very exciting potential revenue models. The first is the revenue generated on the site by affiliate/CPA commissions and other income sources on the site. The second, which may not be quite as obvious, is the potential to flip (sell) the entire site for a grandiose payday at some point further down the line.

Niche marketing can be an explicitly rewarding, and thoroughly enjoyable business model – and because surging new niches are always emerging, once you get the basic model right you can apply it repeatedly for as many industries as you want.

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