Tell me a little about your articles.

I take great pride in my articles (maybe even a little too much). With endless amounts of competition out there, I knew providing sub-par content would not be beneficial for either of us. You can expect the following from every article you receive:

  • Unique, un-spun content only sold on my website.
  • Written with SEO in mind as ranking well in search engines is key.
  • An easily-read conversational tone for readers of all sorts to completely understand the information being told.
  • Grammatically correct every time.
  • Well-structured to drive people’s eyes, to have them eventually make the click, and finally, conversion.

How do I make money with your product review articles?

The product reviews I write are for four main networks: Commission Junction (focused on currently), ShareASale, Clickbank, and Amazon Associates. These are affiliate networks that aggregate many affiliate programs into one database, making it easier for you, and absolutely free to sign up for. The exception is Amazon Associates, which is a program that allows you to promote products sold on Amazon. Joining these networks has many advantages compared to applying to affiliate programs individually. You hit payout thresholds more easily, and applying for the programs is extremely easy: it merely takes a single click.

This of course saves you a great deal of time. I review products and services that are very affiliate-friendly, as in their programs are easy to get accepted into. All of the programs show clearly what their payout schemes are, making life that much easier for you. I don’t want this part to appear complex, though it may. If you find yourself with any confusion, just contact me – I’m here to help.

Why do your product review packs have 5 review articles and 5 blog posts?

I promise I do this on purpose. Let me explain. First off… example. When it comes to hosting, payday loans, email marketing, whatever it may be, there aren’t 7 “best” options. For that matter there certainly aren’t 10 “best” options either. There are only a couple. The reason for this is that option A may be best for someone (perhaps it’s the cheapest option and the individual is on a budget), whereas option B may be the absolute best overall (though it may be more pricey, thus not for the person on the budget).

When it comes to the reviews, I choose the best options on the market which happen to also be, for the most part, the most heavily searched for. In regards to the blog posts, these are extremely important. When creating a product review site or a niche site in general, you need to appear as a guru or expert in the niche to be trusted. You need to prove that you know what you’re talking about and once this is accomplished you’ll see your conversions skyrocket. With the blog series I include with the reviews (generally a “buyer’s guide of sorts), your visitors are going to absolutely love you.

Will I find your articles sold anywhere else?

Never. I’ve never given rights for any of the articles packs I sell to be sold elsewhere. They are exclusively sold on my website and this will never change.

How many copies of your PLR do you sell?

As HighConvertingPLR is rather small and unknown to the masses as of yet due to our short period of existence, I am not placing a cap on sales right away. Do be assured that when first placed on our site, the articles have never been uploaded past my Word document. Further, as stated in the note above, due to their slightly-higher price, the “bargain hunters” are kept at bay and I can guarantee my articles will remain fresh for a long time to come.

Do you have an affiliate program?

I do! And it’s a great one. Promote my article packs and for every sale you cause, earn 75% commission. Cookies last for 60 days and payment is sent via PayPal within 30 days in case of charge-backs or refunds. Plus, there is no threshold you need to reach for payouts. Refer to my Affiliates page for more information.

Do you have a return policy, or money-back guarantee?

Yes. If you’re unhappy within 30 days of your purchase, contact me. I’ll do whatever it takes to make you a happy customer and have no problem processing a refund if that’s what you desire. I’m not here to provide you with sub-par content so I believe you’ll have a wonderful experience and be a return customer. If this isn’t the case, don’t hesitate to reach out to me immediately.

Is my payment for your articles secure?

Absolutely. All payments are handled through PayPal. This is to ensure that you’re provided with the highest degree of financial security possible.

How and when will I receive my articles?

Instantly. Once your order goes through, you’ll receive an email instantly or within several minutes for your download. All of your articles will be in a zipped file and individually in .txt (NotePad) and .doc (Word) formats.