Dedicated Servers: 5 Reasons To Promote This Lucrative Niche

18 Aug

Dedicated server companies pay out huge commissions to affiliates because of their recurring payments received from customers. On average, you’re looking at $100 per sale and keep in mind, tons of these companies are on popular affiliate networks like Commission Junction and ShareASale. Take a look below to read 5 reasons why to promote Dedicated Servers that I’ve put together for you.

#1 – As Online Businesses Grow – As More Business Go Online – So Do Their Needs for Dedicated  Hosting…and That Isn’t Gonna Slow Down

Dedicated servers are getting more and more in demand. This is because more and more companies and people are taking their businesses online. Many of these companies demand hosting that can handle a) a lot of traffic, and b) no chance of getting shut down because a server went down. It could mean tons in lost revenue for a business.

The solution to this, without having to actually invest in buying and setting up your own servers, is to go with a service that offers dedicated servers. As the internet keeps growing, and more and more companies keep going online… then this need will continue to grow.

#2 – The Monthly Searches in Google Shows This Clearly

The fact is that this is already a very in-demand service. I won’t try to convince you though, I’ll just let you look at the monthly searches in Google and you’ll clearly see this on your own.

Here are the monthly searches that Google shows in their keyword tool…

  • Dedicated server = 450,000 searches per month…
  • Dedicated hosting = 110,000 searches per month…
  • Windows dedicated server = 12,100 searches per month…
  • Linux dedicated server = 12,100 searches per month…

As you can see, these searches are quite large, and of course that’s only within Google. There’s certainly enough traffic here to make a nice living off of this niche if you play your cards right.

#3 – There are Plenty of Hosting Companies Out There Providing Dedicated Hosting

Hosting is a very lucrative business, and therefore there are plenty of companies out there offering dedicated hosting to keep you in business for a very long time. With this PLR material I take out all of the guesswork out of the equation for both YOU and YOUR readers. I researched the five best companies out there, and wrote the reviews for your customers. I also added five articles/blog posts that you can use to show people exactly what they should be looking for in dedicated hosting.

Of course this is just five companies out of hundreds, but when you first start out in a niche, spreading focus out too far can be detrimental. Now you can concentrate on these five. And what’s great about these niches is that they give you an…

#4 – Opportunity for a Great Full-Time Income With High Payouts…

It’s always nice to get paid well for your efforts, don’t you think? One of the great things about promoting dedicated servers and dedicated hosting is that they pay well. The reason is simple. Dedicated hosting isn’t cheap, and these companies know that paying you well to bring in new customers, over time (month after month) of getting paid by their customers that you’ve brought in… is well worth it.

That’s why they pay so darn well. Here’s just a look at what the five that I’ve reviewed for your PLR content will pay out for you per sale…

  • Codero – $100-200 per sale
  • HostGator – $100 per sale
  • InMotion Hosting – $80 per sale
  • ServerPronto – $110 per sale
  • SingleHop – 125% per sale

#5 – Superb Niche for AdSense or Contextual Ads (Huge Cost Per Click)…

Something else that is incredibly exciting about this nice is the huge cost per click. Well, it’s not exciting if you’re trying to promote your website using pay per click, but it is very exciting if you’re trying to earn income with Adsense. The cost per click for the terms in this niche are from $30 to $40 dollars. Yes that’s dollars, not cents. This means that every time someone clicks an Adsense ad on your site, that you’ll earn a portion of that click. When the CPC is that high…it turns out to be a nice portion that you earn of course.

You can easily make a living just off of the clicks in this arena alone, much less the payouts for sales. And it all starts with these Dedicated Server PLR Review Articles.

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