An Unbiased Look At 15 Product Review WordPress Themes

30 Apr

Before I get to the list of 15 themes, let me provide you with 5 essential tips to help you find the best product review (affiliate) WordPress theme for you.

Spend some time to actually divulge yourself into these themes. Fully read everything they have to offer. If you purchase one and decide later it’s not the one for you, it’s not the end of the world. It does save you some time and money though picking the best one for you first and not having to spend the time or resources to change it. On the other hand if new, better themes come out in the future, there’s nothing you can do about that!

Read reviews… find out what people think of the theme. It’s not hard to say, “My theme is the best!”… when you’re the owner. When you read reviews of customers who have actually used the product… paid for it… you find out how wonderful the theme really works. Make sure to differentiate between the reviews that are just trying to promote the product for a commission and the ones that are actually genuine.

Just because it’s more expensive doesn’t mean it’s better. Some of the best products out there are extremely affordable. Don’t assume because it’s 5x the price that it’s 5x better. Could it be? Sure. Does the price justify it always being so? Certainly not.

Write down as many features as you can think of that you really want and see which theme fits the most criterion. With there being a huge number of themes out there, you generally don’t have to settle for one that you don’t really like. Perhaps write down 5 features you know you need and maybe you’ll find 2 or 3 themes that fit the bill… then you can narrow down to which you like best.

Look for discounts or promotional codes. You can generally find them pretty easily if they exist. Simply type in on Google “[theme name] discount codes”. Either you’ll luck out or you won’t. Either way, it certainly doesn’t hurt to look.

I’ve only used a handful of the themes below, so I tried my best to remain unbias and simply state cold facts such as pricing. As for how they actually work, refer to my tip #2 above. Nothing will be more helpful than seeing what users have to say about it. Keep in mind there will always be complainers about whatever the product is, but if you find yourself reading only negative reviews, something is up and I recommend to stay away.

Single site license: $37. Multi-site license: $67. Developer license: $127. I’m a fan but their customer support hasn’t been the best. The theme itself has been held by several owners in the past couple years.

Review Engine
Single site license: $119. Multiple site license: $169

Regular license: $45 ($47, really). Extended license: $2,250 (ouch!)

Regular license: $40 (in this case, really $42). Extended license: $2,000 (I’d recommend staying away from these extended licenses, personally)

WordPress Review Theme
$39.95 for one… or $147 for all 12 of them. While these are customizable, they are somewhat pre-made and for specific niches (i.e. weight loss, FOREX, credit, etc.). If you’re looking for large niches to go after, this could be a good pack to pick up. If you’re creating sites on somewhat odd niches though — ones that are probably not featured in this pack — you may want to seek elsewhere.

You need a subscription with ElegantThemes. This costs $39 per year, and you get access to all of their themes (there are around 100). They have excellent support and lots of their themes are great. I’ve used many of them before. Highly recommended.

Fancy Review
Single site license: $39.

You can get the theme for $45, or get access to all of InkTheme’s themes for $125. This is the cost for the first month, then every other month will cost you $15. You can cancel after the first month and download as many as you want, but once cancelling, you won’t receive support, theme updates, etc. You’re also able to use their themes on as many of your websites as you’d like.

Single site license: $64. If you plan to use the theme for a client of yours or on multiple sites, they ask that you contact them.

Product Review WordPress Theme
Multi-site license: $47 (was $97 previously… tends to fluctuate in price). The support I’ve received from them has always been very lacking and inattentive unfortunately.

Multi-site license: $19.97. You’re allowed to use for clients and to sell on Flippa too.

Reviewfy (WSO)

Unlimited license: $17. Use it on as many of your own websites and clients websites… and you sell sites on Flippa that you use the theme on.

WP Review Smasher (WSO)
Currently $17.35 for multi-site license and $27.25 for developer’s license. Increases slowly in price as more people purchase it.

Premium Review Themes (WSO)
Multi-site license (can make them and sell them for clients as well): $14.95.Comes with 9 niche sites pre-made which is a nice little bonus.

Rapid Review Theme (WSO)
Multi-site license: $27.

So there you have it! 15 product review WordPress themes that hopefully provided you with at least a couple in which you could see yourself using. If you know of some that aren’t on the list above, feel free to post them below! If you own one, don’t be overly promotional but you can certainly chime in about your own creation. :)

– Ross Cohen, Owner of

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