Affiliate Marketing – What Is It & Why Just About Anyone Can Use It To Switch On An Income

31 Oct

In many ways, affiliate marketing embodies what it is to live the internet dream. The cosy, convenient, work in your PJs on the sofa and in front of the TV DREAM that those unfortunate BILLIONS who slog, sweat and eek away in their conventional office cubicle jobs could only dream about.

And yet, anyone – you, me, your neighbour and his grandma – absolutely ANYONE can switch on this rather powerful and dare I say easy way of earning a crust. Now, I use the word “easy” with more than a hint of caution – but the truth is, affiliate marketing allows us to make money from other people’s products. Other people’s services. With absolutely none of the hassles or accountability. You don’t need to create a product. Or a sales page. You don’t need to deal with after sales support. No, none of all that. But, you do take a fair old chunk of the sale – often as much as 50%, and in some instances even MORE.

Just made a sale on a thousand dollar product? Bang. That’s five hundred bucks, right in your back pocket. And all because you have learned the basic affiliate marketing skill – finding a good product, and sticking it in front of someone who wants to buy it.

You’re the middle man. The agent. By way of a concept, it’s so easy it’s borderline CRIMINAL. Compare affiliate marketing against any other way of earning an income – be it product creation, or software programming or well just about anything and it’s undeniably simple. Enviably easy.

Now, here are a few practical nuggets to consider before you go storming into your boss’s office with your resignation letter and give him the finger:

  1. While affiliate marketing is certainly a real way of creating an income, newbie affiliates still need to learn a fair few concepts, skills and techniques to ensure they start earning asap.
  2. Often affiliates use their blogs as their main vehicle from which they ferry potential clients to affiliate products and services. This is done via well written reviews, high class articles identifying key problems and offering solutions by way of affiliated products, and banner ads placed strategically on key areas of the site.
  3. Affiliate marketers still face that same old issue that everyone online faces – how to attract more traffic to their blogs and sites. As such, some marketing prowess and a budget of sorts are often required. Many affiliates do operate on a shoe string kitty of funds, and their outgoings tend to be minimal. No staff costs and no overheads like office space make it the perfect starter business.
  4. The apparent ease of affiliate marketing is also its drawback. You’re not the only kid on the block who wants to lap up big commissions just by introducing a client to a product they need. Competition for affiliate marketing is on the up, but smart affiliate marketers pick out and tap into tight, rich niches that very few people know about. Let alone profit from.

Look, the world is changing rapidly. I fear for those caught up as average Joe employees – I truly do. Today more than ever, if you’re on the wrong side of that tyrannical employee/employer divide, you need to give some serious thought about crossing that line. Take a look around you. Ever notice that your bills are getting rather steep? Ever notice that only those nestled at the very upper echelons of companies appear to be getting massive pay rises? While you’re left trying to exist on what appears to be pitiable scraps of cash?

It doesn’t have to be like this. People just like you have crossed that line. And, to wrap up this article in as smooth and logical a way as I can, affiliate marketing is by far one of the best and most reliable ways to do so.

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