Affiliate Marketer Or Product Creator? Which One Should You Be?

24 Oct

It’s the question that every newbie asks at some stage. “Should I be an affiliate marketer, and sell other peoples products – or create and sell my own?”

Read on, because you’re about to discover that this, rather than being a black and white issue has some rather distinct tones of grey. The question just isn’t that simple.

Let’s do this by sorting out the advantages of affiliate marketing versus product creation.

Affiliate Marketing Wins Because…

Simplicity – The great thing about affiliate marketing is that, by its very definition, is a method of making money by selling affiliated products and services. It’s a wonderful thing. Someone else puts in all the work, and you take (a lot of the time) half the spoils. It’s simple. One affiliate link is essentially all you need.

No Client Interaction – As an affiliate marketer, your job is pretty much done and dusted after the sale is made. If the client has a problem, it’s the product/service owner who has to clean it all up. It means less accountability on your part.

Fewer Technical Skills – You could get away with the most skeletal of technical skills as an affiliate marketer. I mean really, if you can set up a basic site, and can set up some review posts then (aside from getting people to view it) you’re pretty much ready to go. However, you’ll need to know that nowadays affiliates are getting increasingly savvy in their promotion techniques, doing all manner of eye catching things from giving away viral eBook reports to video reviews on products. Is it just me, or are those forms of product creation? Now you see what I mean, by the answer to our original question being a little more blurred than you may think at first glance.

Product Creation Wins Because

Powerful Branding Tool – When you create your own product/service – it’s your name on the tin. Your face. It’s a great branding tool. It makes you stand right out, and people remember you. They even respect you that little bit more, because you’ve gone and created your very own thing.

Get Paid Directly & Keep 100% Of The Spoils – There are more than a few affiliate programs out there that are a little corrupt. They find sneaky little ways to rob the hard working affiliate of their sales. Things like suddenly changing the affiliate program technology. When you’re the product owner, YOU get paid into YOUR bank account. Pure and simple. No chance of being robbed.

Keep Your Business – One of the problems with being an affiliate is that, truth be told, you’re often building the affiliated company instead of your own. You coo about how good THEIR product is. You rave about how awesome THEIR support is. You send your whole army of opt ins to THEIR website. To build THEIR own opt in list. Sometimes, you’ll make some sales and you’ll get paid. Other times, you’ll just send a whole load of leads to the affiliate site without so much as a cent for your troubles. As a product owner, you can offer your opt in list and leads your own thing.

Easier To Build In Backend & Residual Income – As a product owner, you can easily build in many tiers of backend income. Create eBooks or videos on the fly promoting no end of things. You will of course, add in your favourite highest paying affiliate programs too. And so, once again, the waters become ever so slightly muddy – because the product creator has tip toed almost unwittingly into affiliate marketing territory.

Affiliate marketer? Or product creator? Aren’t they really one and the same?

Sometimes, we all get rather blinkered and myopic when it comes to earning money online. Sometimes, we think that it can only be “either” “or”. This time, in answer to the question “should I be an affiliate marketer or product creator?”, the answer would appear to be…both.

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