A Typical Day In The Life Of A Work-From-Home Internet Marketer

22 Oct

There can be scant few richer feelings than presiding over your own work from home business empire. This article is a somewhat light-hearted glimpse into how a somewhat typical work from home day may evolve from start to finish.

While of course no-one’s work from home business can really be the same as anyone else’s, this is written from the perspective of an internet/affiliate marketer and info-product developer. Arguably this is one of the more common home business models, accessible to most people who have the required drive to succeed.

7am – (Yes, 7am – it’s not usually about waking up at eleven, checking to see how much moolah has come in and then trotting off for a few rounds of golf!): Emails & Support.

After a quick shower and breakfast, it’s time to face the harrowing 45 second commute to the home office. The first step is to sort out the email pile up. The busier you get with your home business, the more emails you’ll naturally get. Because your email and support response time and quality will be a significant factor in how much repeat business you’ll attract, it’s really vital to stay on top of it all.

I’ll tuck into the emails, and answer all the ones I can – for any that I can’t quite resolve without further investigation, I’ll add to my daily tasks calendar. Once I’ve finished the support queries, I’ll map out the specifics on what I want to achieve for the day. I use Google Calendar for this end – it’s free and allows me to add in as many notes as I need to on my various work objectives for the day. It’s got reminders, pop-ups and a nice colour code scheme that allows you to organize yourself perfectly.

8:30am – 11am: Product Creation

No sooner that I get five minutes into working on my eBook project, the doorbell rings. It can be a real nuisance for work from home entrepreneurs because it can disrupt your day. I can see from the outline of the door, it’s Howard (the neighbourhood Jehovah’s Witness) with his most recent pamphlet delivery.

After a rather longer than desired chat with Howard (at least it’s good to be reassured that God DOES live in us all and loves us, especially me), I settle down with writing my eBook, while sloshing down my second coffee of the morning.

Writing eBooks are usually a routine part of an internet marketer’s workload and can be used to achieve numerous goals from lead collection to getting straightforward income by selling your work, or the rights to it.

I’m interrupted again, this time by Mr. Meowington (the cat) who through a series of irritated moans has made it clear he was not happy with his breakfast. I save my work, and go off to find something different for Mr. Meowington to feast on. You might find that if you have a family, you may be at the behest of several unwelcome interruptions during the course of the day. Remember, if you’re supporting your family it’s as important for them that you succeed, and so have enough peace and quiet to do your work professionally. The most sensible solution is to have a dedicated home office workspace where you can chug out your very best work.

The bong on my Google Calendar goes off, and it means the time allocated for eBook writing has lapsed. It’s a little irritating as I didn’t progress as much as I had hoped. Thing is, unless it’s utterly vital to complete a task, for example a pending client project that simply HAS to be done, my methodology is to stick firmly to what my calendar is telling me to do.

I’m desperately hoping the day will become a little more efficient as late morning arrives. It’s not looking too bad, Howard is nowhere to be seen and Mr. Meowington is kipping quietly on the sofa.

11am – 2pm: Internet Marketing (Lunch In Between)

Every single day, you’ll need to allocate sufficient thought and time towards your internet marketing (especially if you happen to be an internet marketer, duh).

Each day will be different to this end, and involve a mix of article writing/spinning, creating blog posts, doing some social network marketing and an almost gargantuan range of additional techniques. Almost certainly, you’ll use some software to improve your efficiency to this end.

Today, I’m spending most of my time crafting a newsletter for an affiliate product that I’d like to show to my opt-in list. As a home based internet marketer, it’s not inaccurate to say that your profits will be more or less linear to your list size. Of course, your list should be comprised of clients who are delighted with your products, recommendations and services – not idle tyre kickers.

The smart way to publish your newsletter is to make it available on your blog. It allows you to expose your main affiliate banners/ads plus gives new list subscribers a chance to explore your blog. In fact, your opt-in list can be one of your most vividly loyal band of blog followers.

After preparing the first draft of the newsletter I pop out to the local shop to pick up some groceries and lunch. One of the lesser talked about benefits about having your own work from home business is the sheer convenience. It’s possible to nip to the shops whenever you want – I tend to go when it’s least busy, when the normal office goers are ensnared within their cubicles. It’s the same with the gym, if you like that sort of thing – it’s far less crowded during the daytime. Off peak plans are cheaper too.

2pm – 4pm: Niche Project Work  

Normally, as a work from home internet marketer you have various projects on the go. For the next couple of hours I start working away on my new website. Over two hours I should get the WordPress install done, configure the site and start adding in some unique content. My plan will be to ultimately flip the site on a site like Flippa, but first it needs a backbone of good content and some traffic.

In the midst of tapping away, Mr. Meowington has awoken from his slumber and is now meowing loudly while tracking a disoriented beetle as it makes its way across the skirting board. I quickly remove it as snacking on beetles make him quite ill. While I’m up, I switch on the kettle, and make my third coffee of the day. One of the things to be wary of as someone who works from home is the availability of snacks – the fridge and cupboard are but a few steps away, and it’s quite possible to succumb to hardcore snacking, especially when stressed.

As my Google calendar bongs again I move on to the next task of the day.

4pm – 6:30pm: Random Time

This is the time during the day that I allocate for random tasks that I believe need to be done. Typically, this can involve checking emails to see if there are any urgent queries, dealing with more complex client support issues that I was not able to sort out in the morning – or anything else that needs to be addressed before closing up for the day.

Today, I get stuck right into the eBook that I made such slow progress on earlier in the morning. It’s more of a short report so I manage to knock off 2000 words, thanks to no interruptions from you-know-who!

6:30 – 7pm: Check On Sales

The shortest time slot of the day is also the sweetest. I pop into my PayPal, Clickbank and CPA accounts to see what I’ve managed to slurp up by way of earnings.

As a work from home entrepreneur, your ability to manage your time will be utterly crucial to your overall success. There really will be insatiable pressures and demands on your time – you need to have a big master plan and this can only be accomplished by appointing several mini-tasks, all of which must be completed with ruthless efficiency. If you can handle that – you should go far and do well with your own home based internet business.

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