7 Tips On Launching A Successful WSO (Warrior Special Offer)

26 Mar

Warrior Special Offers, or WSO’s, can make a lot of money… but only if done properly. Consider these 7 tips to optimize your launch.

You’ve probably heard of the Warriorforum and their Warrior Special Offer section. This section generally at all times has multiple thousands of people searching through various offers, and when new offers are posted, if done properly, new sales and leads can be generated within minutes. This isn’t easy, though! It doesn’t happen without hard work, and certainly not without a reputation. In this article I will delve into 7 tips that help increase my bottom line when I launch my WSO’s.

    1. Don’t launch a WSO until you’ve built a reputation. The chances of someone with 10 posts launching a successful WSO is extremely slim, if not impossible. A reputation built on trust and high-quality will last you a long time, especially on the Warriorforum. Even a familiar name will help you. Post in threads on a regular basis, accumulate at least 100+ posts, and make sure they’re helpful. Participate, discuss, and offer information to people. If you have something in your signature, too, such a link to your site, you can get “free” traffic as well (don’t forget, these people can potentially become buyers/leads).


    1. Launch it immediately when someone posts a WSO with a high post and view count. When there is a full page of WSO’s in which have similar post amounts and views, it’s hard to stand out. However, if the 3 previous posts have 10,000, 40,000, and 65,000 views, and then all of a sudden yours pops up with 0, it’s easily seen. Plus, as WSO’s can’t be moved in ranking based on someone posting in them, your higher visibility will exist until you fall off the 2nd page when you have the chance (as well as they) to “bump” your post back to the 1st page. This equates to a greater number of views.


    1. Optimize the timing to be when your target market is awake. If your product/service being offered is for a specific demographic such as people in the U.S., launching at a time when 99% of them are sleeping wouldn’t be smart, now would it be? Being from the U.S., I try to launch late morning or early afternoon (around 11am-3pm EST, to be exact). In terms of when during this time frame, it generally is determined by my 2nd tip above.


    1. Offer review copies prior to launching. You can, and probably should, offer review copies prior to launching to get some testimonials (preferably from “known” Warriors, or those with high post counts). You can use the “Warriors Looking To Hire You” section (costs $5 compared to how much it costs to launch a Warrior Special Offer – $40 – ouch!). Simply state you’re looking for reviewers, and people will usually flock to you, especially when the product or service is viable and potentially applies to their needs.


    1. Don’t think you can charge high prices in your first launch. Your first launch is a test-run. It probably won’t do extremely well unless you’re very lucky. Use it to build interested buyers (leads), and to offer quality to the forum. Show your worth so on your next launch you can offer something of greater dollar value. Plus, you can let the leads that you acquired from your first launch know so that way you’ll instantly have some buyers (assuming the previous product/service was of value). Think in the $5 range.


    1. Have an extremely catchy title. If your title is vague or boring, your WSO is bound to fail. People need to click on it first, after all. Give Warriors reason to click on it. And don’t you dare have a spelling-error in the title either! Look at all of the other titles in the Warriors Special Offer section to get some ideas. See what attracts you and makes you want to click their listings – chances are, there are many other people just like you.


  1. Include everything a potential buyer would want to know in your WSO. Once someone leaves your offer, chances are they’re never returning. Make sure they have all the information they want right there without having to ask questions. Such information includes what comes with the offer (in complete details), return policy, your background, why they should buy it, any included extras, how it’ll help them, and so on.

So there you have it. Follow these 7 tips and you should find more success with your launch. Remember, it’s not easy. You don’t just whip something together and sell thousands of copies. It takes time, lots of effort, and never skimp on quality – ever. Have any questions? Feel free to ask!

– Ross Cohen, Owner of HighConvertingPLR

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