7 Hugely-Profitable Ways To Use Product Review PLR

12 Mar

Just for you, I’ve narrowed down the top 7 ways to use product review PLR.

Product review PLR can be so profitable, so beneficial, but actually maximizing its potential is not easy. That’s not to say making profit and having it be beneficial is extremely hard, but to reach your peak (whether it be measured in terms of traffic, income, etc.), much must be (very well) thought-out, and most importantly, followed through with. No shortcuts. Consider these methods to make the best use of product review PLR, but realize you don’t want to use all of them. Focus on one, possibly two, no more than three. Focus. Push yourself to succeed at all costs (well, not all).

    1. Rewrite and/or spin the content. As you may know, Google isn’t a big fan of duplicate content – at least for your ranking on search engines. If you’re basing your traffic on other methods such as CPC (cost-per-click), it’s somewhat irrelevant. There are numerous article spinners (downloadable software), many found for great prices on the Warriorforum, and they can make your article “unique” by changing words around, etc. However, the article will then read imperfectly and you’ll have to spend some time rewriting and editing it. If you rewrite it from the start and don’t ever deal with spinning software, that works just as well.


    1. Create an e-Book and/or giveaway. Taking a stack of related PLR, adding some content between the individual articles, and making the flow “work” can provide you with a nice giveaway to build an email list or include as a freebie with another product you’re selling. Don’t just throw articles together and call it an e-Book, though; remember: never sacrifice on value.


    1. Drive traffic through CPC networks. If you use product review PLR but decide to not alter the text, be sure to maximize conversions through A/B testing (I have a post about doing it here), and drive traffic to the reviews individually through CPC networks such as Google AdWords, Microsoft AdCenter, etc. You can do this for each review individually to make sure people aren’t looking for reviews on company A and land on your review for company B. This would be a waste of money, probably. If you’re paying 10 cents per click and converting at 2% (thus paying $5 per commission, potentially), and if the commission is any higher than $5, you will be making profit. If the commissions are $100/sale, you’re making some big profits!


    1. Create an autoresponder series for your email list. If you have an interested list of buyers who may be interested in the products the reviews are for, this would be a great option for you. Don’t forget to include your affiliate link, though! And consider making the email shorter and to the point as people don’t want to read extremely lengthy emails.
    2. Post articles to article directories and guest post. Articles you own and/or write don’t have to go just on your blog or website. Spread out the love, but always with a link back to your site (or an affiliate link (or both!)). The more sites you’re on or have a connection with, the larger your reach becomes and the greater the chance targeted potential buyers will be driven to your site.


    1. Turn the articles in to videos. Create them yourself or outsource the video creation for a low cost such as on Fiverr (potentially $5/video). You could verbally tell people about the product with the same wording (don’t sound robotic, though, reciting it word-for-word). You could also use software such as Jing (what I personally use and only costs around $15/year) to record the screen while you speak. Upload it to YouTube, Vimeo, etc. and include a link to your review with a note along the lines of, “To learn more, click here”.


  1. Promote your PLR articles on social media networks. There is a huge market of potentially hungry buyers on all sorts of websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, Stumbleupon, Digg, and so on. Take advantage of this. Include catchy phrases but don’t try to “trick” people in to clicking the link. This isn’t the sort of person you want reading your review (someone that couldn’t care less about the product or service). Remember, 1 interested buyer is better than 100 non-interested buyers. Targeted traffic, I’ll say it again and again.

So there you have it folks, 7 ways to make money with product review PLR. Certainly the list goes on, but this provides you with a great groundwork of where to start. As I said previously, don’t get distracted by shining new ideas. Pick one or two and stick with it. Drive yourself to turn them in to success and profit. I’ll also repeat: don’t try to use shortcuts. They don’t work. For the long-term success of your website(s), if something seems too good to be true (i.e. 5,000 amazing backlinks for $5), it is. You weren’t just luckily and stumbled upon (not to be confused with Stumbleupon!) the best thing since sliced bread.

Also remember, when it comes to product review PLR articles, you’re not going to find any better than those in which I provide. So go check them out here! :)

– Ross Cohen, Owner of HighConvertingPLR.com

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