7 AWeber Alternatives (For You To-Be Email Marketers)

27 Sep

So if you’ve been doing email marketing online for any amount of time, then you’ve likely heard of AWeber. I remember when I first got online, looking for an email marketing company to go with, AWeber seemed to be the clear choice because it was simply mentioned so many times.

Since becoming pretty good at this email marketing thing, and learning all the in’s and out’s from building several pretty decent sized lists, I began to wonder if AWeber is still the best choice.

There are not only other choices that I skipped over in lieu of AWeber, but since that time there have been some newcomers that seem to be getting a ton of positive attention. Sometimes it’s good to come back and analyze your past decisions and make sure that you made the best one.

Here’s what I did. I found seven alternatives to AWeber, and I’ve picked them apart analyzing them in comparison to AWeber. The following and rest of this article are my results.

First A Closer Look at AWeber.

Let’s talk a bit about AWeber and why they’re so revered in the internet marketing communities. The simple answer is that you don’t become a big hit like they are if you’re not great. And great they are. I’ve enjoyed them immensely since starting and have no complaints. So these other companies have a hard time to convince me that they’re worth switching.

AWeber is a full-service email marketing suite. Here’s some of what they offer…

  • A 99% deliverability rate
  • 150 professional email templates
  • Vast auto-responder functions (delivery time, list segmenting
  • Extensive conversion data that’s simple to read and comprehend
  • Extremely professional looking and high converting sign up form templates (cut and past easy to install as well)
  • RSS to Email – which means you can automatically shoot out a blog post AS an email to your subscribers
  • And amazingly helpful customer support!

Again it’s a highly effective and functional full service system. But I’m never satisfied. I had to see what else was out there.

Now Let’s See How These Other Companies Stack Up!

Constant ContactThis is now one of the more popular alternatives to AWeber. It’s an extremely user friendly email marketing system, that even the newest user can grasp pretty quickly.

Looking at this company now, I can see that as far as variety of features, they do go a little bit above and beyond AWeber.

  • 500 email marketing templates to choose from,
  • an impressive email tracking system in place,
  • a very wide variety sign up boxes to choose from
  • Deliverability is 97% – slightly lower than AWeber’s 99.9%.

They do pull away from AWeber in a couple of regards. Constant Contact has great social marketing integration. It goes well beyond AWeber where you can create Fan Page landing pages, schedule campaigns, and share to multiple different social sites. They’ve added “Event Spot” giving you professional Event Promotion campaigns. Plus with “SaveLocal” you can create discount campaigns much like Groupon, looking just as professional and you don’t have to share 50% of the revenue.

By the way they’ve got a 60 day trial period, and after that the price is only $15/month for 500 subscribers on up to $150 for 10,000 to 25,000 subscribers.

MailigenThis is a relatively new company, founded in 2010. But it looks like they’ve learned quite a bit from their predecessors. Their main focus was to create an email marketing system that was simple and easy to use for anybody.

They seemed to have done quite well with that. However, as compared to AWeber, I don’t think that they’ve done anything rather spectacularly different or better. In essence, Mailigen is AWeber Jr. with an emphasis on HTML email marketing.

They offer:

  • 130 custom email templates
  • Customized lead capture forms
  • RSS to Email
  • Detailed tracking data features
  • Easy social media integration

The biggest difference would probably be the pricing, as Mailigen is a bit cheaper than AWeber. They range from $10 per month for the first 500 subscribers, to the highest of $120 per month for 10,000 to 25,000 subscribers.

However, the deliverability rate…while cannot be found on their site…is likely lower than AWeber, being that AWeber has been establishing relationships with providers for a longer time. In email marketing even a couple of percentage points make a huge difference.

Campaigner – This is a very reliable email marketing system to use. It’s actually quite simple, and therefore email marketing becomes easy and uncomplicated. So on a user-friendly aspect, it gets high rankings.

Their deliverability rate is about 97% which is lower of course than AWeber. They do have other features that compare to AWeber such as:

  • They Also give you 500 email templates
  • Professional and customizable optin forms
  • Anti-spam compliance checker
  • First class email tracking

One place they do out perform AWeber in my estimation is through customer service. At least as far as the capability of getting in touch with them which is available by phone, email, or chat 24 hours a day! This is great and compared to AWeber where live customer support is available 8AM-8PM ET Mon-Fri and 9AM-5PM ET Sat-Sun. This means a lot when you’re in a crunch.

They are certainly cheaper than AWeber also, basically following the same pricing structure as Mailigen!

iContactBesides AWeber, this is one of the most well-known and widely used email applications out there. The fact is that it’s built a huge following because it’s a rock solid type of email marketing system.

Basically iContact fits right along side AWeber and is pretty much equal to it in terms of features and just slightly less equal in deliverability rate.

Where they may outshine AWeber is in user friendliness. iContact seems to have an edge there, as their back office is a little more complementary, as well as the fact that their email editor (although AWeber recently tried to upgrade theirs) still outperforms.

Definitely I would say that iContact is more NEW user friendly. That being said I truly still love the old interface of AWeber, and always switch to that. But if I were coming into the email marketing game fresh, I might very much like this better.

Pricing is a bit better when it comes to iContact, but the pricing structure is a bit different.

It will cost you from $10 a month for 250 subscribers to $239 a month (35,000) subscribers…with a ton of affordable choices in between.

Basically, this is a great comparable choice to AWeber.

SimplyCastThis is another relatively new email marketing system that seems to have followed the lead of both AWeber, and iContact in keeping the various features that make email marketing effective.

SimplyCast has all the great features that you’d want to have with an email marketing system. For instance here are some of the common features with AWeber:

  • Email marketing templates
  • Auto responder capabilities so that you can schedule an array of messages to go out for a campaign…
  • Detailed conversion tracking…
  • Wizards to easily create emails and optin forms…
  • Social Media Integration.

And then they’ve got some of their more special unique features such as:

  • Event Marketing
  • Surveys
  • Fax Marketing
  • SMS and more

Basically they cover all the major areas of marketing for just about any business which is good. As well, where AWeber does a few things extremely well, SimplyCast seems to do more things only just well. But where they truly shine for the beginner (besides ease of use) is the pricing.

However their pricing structure is quite confusing. But for 500 subscribers or less, their system is free to use, and then their next price starts out at only $4.95 a month, then on up to $39.95 for 10,000 plus subscribers. So there is a considerable jump once you’ve remained with them. Plus there are various payment arrangements that you can set up.

If I were new I might go with SimplyCast. However, I would not switch from AWeber to them.

GetResponse This has been one of AWeber’s biggest competitors since they founded in 1999. These two email systems are sort of like the Ford or Chevy of the email marketing world.

You’re either an AWeber or a GetResponse loyal, and you don’t dare cross that line. The truth is actually that they’re more similar than they are different.

They are both user friendly. Both come with a variety of templates for email marketing campaigns. Both allow you to very easily create a signup form. Both have great auto-responder capabilities, list segmentation, email tracking and analytics, 99% deliverability, and social marketing integration.

AWeber is unique where they have the “Blog Broadcast” feature that allows you to send out your blog posts to your lists which is really cool.

On the other hand, GetResponse has the “Inbox Preview” feature which allows you to verify that your message looks okay in all the separate email boxes out there such as Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, etc.

The other big difference would be pricing. GetResponse is less expensive at $15.00 for 1000 subscribers at its lowest end, and $65 for 10,000 subscribers at the highest end….whereas AWeber starts at $19 and climbs to $130 for the same amount.

So the best way to choose on this one would be to try each out with their 30 day trials, and see which one suits YOU best.

VerticalResponseIn your search for an email marketing system, you’ll likely run into Vertical Response. But it’s important to know that there is one major difference with this email marketing platform than all the others mentioned on this page, including AWeber.

Vertical response does NOT have an auto-responder service. So basically if you’re going to send out emails with vertical response, there’s no set-it-and-forget-it type of feature. Each email in essence will have to be an email blast.

So basically Vertical Response would be less for the internet marketer and more for the small business owner that wants to do a fair job of keeping up with their customers – sending out specials and discounts.

They do have email templates, social marketing integration, event marketing, surveys, and very good customer service.

However when it comes to pricing, basically each service (features that I laid out above) are all separate services. So this is NOT an all-in-one type of service that you might be looking for.

In my opinion, I would easily go with AWeber over VerticalResponse even for limited needs. Nothing would take me from AWeber to VerticalResponse at this time with my email marketing.

Now you Know you Have Alternatives to AWeber…

So there you have it.

I’ve let you in on the various alternatives that you have available to you other than just going with the ultra popular AWeber.

But as you can see, as I quickly found out during my research, that not all of these are superior to AWeber.com and the only two that really come close, and might make me sway over toward, are GetResponse and Constant Contact!

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