5 Inevitable Future Trends Of Internet Marketing

22 Oct

Running your own home business while bringing some wonderfully cosy benefits also brings stern challenges. Just one of these is the constant requirement to keep your finger very much on the internet marketing pulse. To evolve and adapt with trend changes. Time and tide wait for no man, or home business.

So, exactly what’s out there that you should be tuning your mind, and marketing strategies into right now?

1. Traffic Proliferation Means It’s No Longer Just Google That Should Occupy Your Thoughts

While Google undeniably remains the Kingpin of traffic, and so your SEO efforts should still be as revved up as ever, traffic is now more evenly spread out. For instance, the overwhelmingly strong growth of social network sites is something that no business can ignore any longer, and both your marketing time and budget needs to reflect that.

The user and traffic statistics being reported about sites like Twitter and Facebook are simply astonishing, with well over a billion people on these two giant social sites alone.

2. Content Curation Begins To Surge

While the amount of online content being chugged out into the internet is truly gob smacking, a shocking amount of it is spammy garbage. The emergence of social sites allows good content to be easily shared and distributed and it does seem that there are SEO rewards to be had by the curation of content.

3. Growth Of Mobile Users

The growth of internet use with mobiles has been staggering to say the very least. Active mobile browsers do just about everything via their devices – 44% of Facebook users now actively login on their phones (source, Facebook) while according to the Mobile Marketer 70% of all mobile searches result in some action (opt in, purchase, ad click etc) within an hour.

Mobile marketing will continue to go from strength to strength because the trends all suggest that people will increasingly browse the web on their mobile devices in the way they do via desktops. It further lends credence to the notion that, if not already, you’ll need to make your sites mobile ready.

4. Blogging Evolution

WordPress has always been the daddy of blogging sites, but the user simplicity of microblogging platforms like Tumblr may well see blogging continue to evolve into a broader range of formats.

5. Increased Application Of Internet Marketing Metrics

ROI has always been a feverishly discussed facet of business life, and increasingly online metrics will play a greater role in determining the success of all online campaigns.

Metrics have been used to gauge the effectiveness of SEO and marketing campaigns for some time, but new forms of online marketing means that new metrics will need to be created and applied to measure success.

Just a couple of the new metrics that are just now gaining publicity include those that measure return on investment for mobile marketing and social media campaigns. Even smaller home businesses will need to get to grips with internet marketing metrics, because of the overwhelming need to measure the efficiencies of their ad spends.

Internet marketing will always pose serious challenges to smaller businesses. Only through understanding where you can get the best bang for your marketing buck can you make sure that your home business can continue to generate good revenues without paying over the odds for targeted traffic and leads.

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