4 Way-Too-Powerful Models For Earning Income Online

20 Oct

If you’re thinking about setting up your own home based business, there are increasing statistics to support that move. According to the U.S. Bureau Of Labour Statistics, a staggering 18.3 million home based businesses already exist. Some have carved out their own tight little niches, while others are going toe to toe with the big boys, and in many cases holding their own.

The growing number of home business set-ups in the USA reflect an increasingly harsher looking long term job market, coupled with the many cost savings and tax benefits that a home business can offer.

If the exciting premise of running your own thing appeals, but you’re struggling to generate some solid, proven ideas that can help you get started making money online, then here are 4 tried, tested and proven online money making business models:

Offer Your Existing Skills From Home

If you have a skill-set that could be carried out from home, it can be a clever way of setting up your first work from home business. While the thought of trying something totally new can seem appealingly fresh, the reality often involves tackling a monster learning curve and going up against stiff competition.

Offering your existing skills, only from home, can provide humming advantages – you already have a (hopefully positive) reputation within the industry, and you should therefore find it easier to tap into existing relationships as a source of clients. Many home businesses have started off in this fashion and have seen meteoric success.

Create Your Own Portfolio Of Profitable Niche Websites

The mouth watering prospect of creating your own army of revenue generating niche websites chugging out revenues has become more possible than ever, mostly thanks to the widespread emergence of low cost hosting coupled with easy to use site creation tools.

The skills you’ll need to pick up to tap into this voracious internet income model are the ability to find tight, cash rich niches before the crowd, and the ability to create monetized sites – finally, you’ll need to master traffic generation to put visitors in front of your niches sites.

Imagine this – just ten sites, chuffing out a rather easily achievable ten dollars per day would equate to a monthly income of $3,000 a month. I would, with cautious optimism, suggest that just about every man woman and child reading this could set up a site capable of earning ten bucks a day.

The long term potential is staggering – set up a new niche site each month while maintaining your existing sites, and within a few short year you would have an emporium of tiny revenue streams, all combining to form one giant ocean of cash.

Flip Websites For Income

Don’t be flippant in dismissing this potentially thrilling home business income model. There are several people making solid revenues by buying and selling virtual real estate (VRE) on auction sites, the most prolific of which is Flippa.

According to Flippa’s own site, over $86 million has been spent on site purchases since the sites inception. In a typical month, about $2m is spent on website sales here.

Yielding the most revenue from selling your websites requires a smidgen of working knowledge – first, setting up a clean looking site that will appeal to generic buyers. WordPress is an ideal development tool to use, because it’s not only free but there are tons of outstanding plugins and themes to make your site do just about anything you want.

Second, and this is absolutely key – traffic generation and logging some income proof. The more traffic you can generate for your website, and the more it can be proved it earns – the more you can charge for your site.

While you may be able to sell a basic site for a couple of hundred, you could quite easily push your earnings into four and even five figures if it’s generating an income and gets real visitors through its virtual doors.

Set Up Your Own Membership Sites

Membership sites offer the ultimate holy grail in recurring income. The premise of this model is to own unique content of some type that members pay to access. The recurring element kicks in if you’re able to provide additional digital content on a regular basis.

Membership sites can be set up within all manner of niches and arenas, allowing you to use your unique insights and experience to deliver great content to your members.

Membership sites also provide one additional benefit of searing potency – your members will acknowledge you as the expert, and this brings with it benefits such as perceived credibility and trust. It ultimately makes for a healthier bottom line, as people will stay clients for a very long time, and take your recommendations, like affiliate products, very seriously.

Are there other work from home business ideas and models? Sure. In fact, as you start creating your own personalized work from home business, it will almost certainly evolve into something very different to what you first started out with. New ideas will hit you, and you’ll naturally tap into your clients ever changing needs more effectively. One thing, hopefully, will stay exactly the same – that you’ll be working away, from the comfort of your own home doing something that you broadly enjoy.

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