4 Productivity Tools That Every Internet Marketer Must Have!

21 Oct

You can be productive and a good time manager without any tools. BUT why not make things a tad easier? If that sounds like a good thing (which it is), here are 4 productivity and time management tools that every internet marketer and online business owner should have in their arsenal!

Productivity Tool 1: Toggl

This is a great time-tracking application that comes in a browser and mobile version. You can use it to track the time used for certain projects. You can also use it to allocate time for every project.

Time is of the essence. It’s a resource that, once wasted, can never be brought back.

One of the features you’ll also like with Toggl is that it has a timer. If you want to keep tabs of the time you take for finishing a task, you can do that too!

Productivity Tool 2: Get It Done

This is one of the cooler and better to-do list manager applications out there. It follows the principles from the book “Get Things Done” written by David Allen. Worry not; you don’t need to read the book to use this app effectively.

The Get It Done system can be used to create a list of tasks that are tagged according to the categories you established. It can be a topic, the priority level of that task, etc.

On the other hand, you can also set and associate certain tasks with important, high-level projects, plus add a due date. One thing you’ll like about it is that you can use a graph to visualize the progress towards a goal. This is a nice way of checking how you’re doing in your projects.

Productivity Tool 3: DropBox

In case you’re living in a rock, this is one of the most loved desktop / mobile applications around.

It’s a cloud storage system that allows you to keep your files in one neat place and access them easily. As long as you have an internet connection and a DropBox account, you’ll have no problems.

If you are always on the go, this is a tool you don’t want to miss.

Productivity Tool 4: FollowUpThen

There are some tasks and ideas that are beneficial for your online business BUT can’t be done just yet. So what should you do? Simple, create a reminder for this task or idea!

And FollowUpThen does just that! It’s an online tools that emails and reminds you of things you need to do on a specific date.

Want to get a reminder after 2 hours? Send an email to 2hours@FollowUpThen.com. What about a reminder in 6 months? No problem! Just send a message to 6months@FollowUpThen.com. Or, if you want to remind yourself of a task for a specific date, just send *specific_date*@FollowUpThen.com (Ex.: April20@FollowUpThen.com).

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