1% of Internet Marketers Succeed: Becoming One of Them

05 Apr

The sad part is… it’s even less than 1% that find “real” success online.

Making money online is hard… don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It sounds easy, right? Design some sort of product or offer some sort of service, market it, get customers, and build, build, grow… but that’s not how it is. It’s extremely hard, and that’s why less than 1% of those who try to do it succeed. Why’s there a disconnect though? Where’s the misconception come from that it’s easy?

First off, people quit too easily. When something isn’t working at first, they’re inclined to quit. The fact is, it can take months – even a year to turn a project into a success online. There’s so much competition out there. Say you have a product review site. Type “[your product] review” in on Google and look at how many people you have to beat! Getting on to that first page of Google may happen relatively quick or within a month or two, but there’s much more to do. You have to optimize the way your page looks, images, text, conversions, titles, headers, sidebars, literally everything. Every single thing on your page will convince someone, a visitor, to consider your product or service as a viable option, or contrarily, make them leave immediately.

A lot of people too get distracted by all the shiny ideas, and there sure are a lot of them. There are so many ways to make money online as an internet marketer that getting distracted can happen on almost a daily basis. And this relates to the paragraph above. Maybe something isn’t working after a week (and it won’t), and then you see something that looks promising, and switch your business model completely. Don’t! Work at it until it succeeds. If you’re determined, your chances of success increase exponentially.

Of course you’re not going to be good at everything, and that’s okay. If your “thing” is graphic design, marketing, SEO, or whatever it may be – do it. Spend your time in that facet of your venture. The rest, if you have the capital, you can outsource. If you don’t have any experience in say, graphic design, what you produce chances are will be sub-par and for a very marginal amount, someone much better than you will provide you with exactly what you need.

You also don’t want to spend more than you’re making. This isn’t to say that investing is a bad decision. In fact, it’s a great decision. For example, to start a viable online business you may need to throw several hundred of even several thousand into it. However, if this money is going towards items that won’t provide you any return, try to keep these purchases to a minimum. For example, there are tons of courses and e-Books out there. Some are cheap, some are expensive; some are bad, some are wonderful. Find which are the best for what you’re looking to do, and if they’re not going to break your bank account, you may want to pick them up as you’ll absolutely learn a lot.

Now, how do you become one of these successful internet marketers? How do you become the “1 in 100”? Well, certainly don’t take the above information for granted. Act on it. Also act on your projects. Give it your all. Work hard, and don’t take the easy way out. This goes for everything: your content, link building strategy, and so on. In the long-run, doing something “okay” will provide you with the same (mediocre) results. Know that finding success may take you a long time, and you have to be willing to accept this. Network with people in your niche, and learn as much as you can. Sure they may be your competitors, but the pie is large enough to share. Be sure to learn, though, from people that know what they’re talking about. If someone isn’t finding success online and you’re learning from them, chances are you won’t find success either. Know who the gurus are and start to follow them.

On a last note, know what you’re getting yourself into. If you decide to tap into an extremely popular niche, one that’s crowded with competition, landing on that first page of Google or turning a profit could take much longer than a micro-niche… but what does this mean, you ask? Say you want to start a review site on appliances – say microwaves. Great. Now, if you simply want your site to be on “microwave reviews”, or “best microwaves”, this isn’t going to be easy. It’s a large niche, searched regularly, and rather profitable. Because of this, you’ll need to really put some work into it. If you pick a smaller, sub-niche, say “affordable microwaves” or “energy-efficient microwaves”, these niches are much smaller. They’re easier to enter, quicker to rank for and turn a profit, etc. In the long-run, though, someone successfully ranking for the large niche will earn more than the individual in the small niche… generally. Short-run: smaller niches are better; long-run: larger niches are better. Or, have lots of small niche sites. A couple of them can rank well for a long time and earn you more than a large niche due to the quantity of them. Make sense?

Now, go find what works best for you! But don’t just run in with your hands flailing in the wind! Think. Focus. Take a deep breath. Walk slowly, but confidently. Good luck, and if you come across any questions, I’m an email away!

– Ross C., Owner of HighConvertingPLR.com

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